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Slogan : You jump, I jump, Everybody Jumps!

Game Name: Jump City Saga
Developers: Wind Cheong (Macau), BanTime(Taiwan)
Company: KAZEVR TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (MACAU) Release Date: June 06, 2017
Platforms: App Store , Google Play Store
Languages:English, French, German, Italian, Spain, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Cantonese , Japanese, Korean, ,Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic.

What? This game is from MACAU? That world’s no.1 casino city ?

Wind Cheong:
Yes, the owner of this game, it's me - Wind Cheong, I am a Macau local guy! And also , this game is the ONLY ONE and the FIRST game which come from Macau - a desert of game making.
In fact, there is no so called game making culture in Macau, what we have is Gaming instead. Everyone knows that Macau is now the worlds’ no.1 Casino city as it’s revenue from gaming is almost 7 times of Las Vegas.

But this makes a very difficult situation of making real games, It’s so hard to hire game programmers because of high salary in casino, and in fact, there is no real game programmers here Macau, most of them are gaming (means gambling) programmers. Even through so hard this environment in Macau , we still have dream to make games. This is one of the way we could tell the world how we think and how we live in Macau.

When your game business start ?

Wind Cheong:
2014, I started a game company in ZhuHai which is in mainland China and closed to Macau. But this was a worst decision, as even we are talking in the same language - Cantonese. But our culture are totally different between Macau and China ZhuHai. All the team members are come from China, they could not really understand what I want to do is CREATIVITY , instead of COPY CAT. After 16 months development, the company was disbanded, and nothing was produced. It makes a 2 millions RMB lost of the company. (over 300 thousands USD)

And that seems didn't stop your game's passion?

Wind Cheong:
No, it didn't. This poor experience didn’t bit me down, I started to make games himself and finally, 3 months later , I produced a very simple game called “Puzzle Cube”, this makes me having confidence to restart game business again. On the end of year 2016, I restarted my game business and hire a Taiwan freelance programmer - BanTime(BT). And this time , we’ve got the right person , right team members. BT is the first staff of my new company. After 6 months, yes this month, June, 2017 the Unique Game from Macau is born. On June 06, 2017, Jump City Saga launched in Google Play Store and soon be on AppStore too.

Talk something about Jump City Saga

Jump City Saga is a funny game for city guys. It's legend that we always think about there is a sky city floating in the sky. And this city is made up with ladders. People only allowed to move by jumping so it called Jump City
This is a world, a special world that show how our real sociaty is formed.
Jump City Saga created base on this concept - A laddered world.
Those funny and ridiculous Characters are represent as all of us in real life. And besides funny , Jump City Saga also tell us that dangerous are very easy to spread in a city, even through started from a little accident.


- From the easiest to the most challenging levels
- Over hundreds of interesting characters
- A ladder city floating in the sky
- Record and share your Jumping adventure
- Compete with players around the world


Producer : Wind Cheong (Macau)
Programmer : BanTime (Taiwan)
Characters : KaiWei Hsu (Taiwan)
Game BGM : Agustin Chavarria ( Nicaragua)
Art Director: Kou (Taiwan)
Main Page Jingle: klankbeeld from (Holland)


KAZEVR may be the only one game company in Macau. It's found by Wind Cheong, a local Macau guys dreaming of talking to the world by games. We also focus on the VR/AR technology, may be our next product will be a VR game and will be released on STREAM.


Facebook: Jump City Saga


Gameplay Launch Trailer:

Screenshots and Logos: (7.55MB .zip)
Assets inside the zip listed below:



Funny Characters

1920x1080 Characters

Screenshots - 1242x2208

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